• StairLift

    The V65 stairlift with platform is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.The V65 has radio controls, state-of-the-art active and passive personal protection devices, and retractable safety bars to save space when parked.

  • Straight Stair Chair

    For a single flight of stairs, we offers you the stairlift with a modern seat and attractive design, and comfortable for any elderly person Moving in the home, from one floor to another, free and without worries, thanks to Ischia stairlift.The Stairchair represents a solution that is truly compact, easy to install and aesthetically pleasing: the domestic mobility of an elderly person, who does not want to give up their independence, is thus pleasantly ensured.

  • Curv Stair Chair

    The Capri chairlift is comfortable and elegant, suitable for all types of stairs, including spiral staircases.