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Our Products

We manufacture different kinds of vehicles ranging from Ambulances to Mobile Clinics. We also have vast experience in manufacturing of specialist vehicles as well as car adaptation and modifications for Special Needs.

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Our Specialization

Scientific is committed to providing the highest quality ambulance and wheelchair services possible with our experienced, caring staff. We provide many services including discharge from hospital/return to home or skilled nursing facility, and psychiatric patient transports.

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Our Process

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01. Inspire

The inspiration phase is one of the most important, as it allows us to see more clearly what makes you tick.

02. Create

Once the concept and goals of the project are firmly defined, the creative process begins. We will design the overall look and structure of your project.

03. Develop

After you have approved the prototypes, we begin to build your project.

04. Success

Ready? Set? Go! Depending on the type of project. Once the project has been built, we ensure a successful launch.

One Company. Unlimited Possibilities.

We are the ambulance production company providing a broad range of products in the sector of ambulances. Consideration in production and plan of ambulances Our Medical ambulances are produced bearing in mind the particular requirements of the clients who are working in the field of healthcare. If an ambulance is to be utilized just for moving patients from a medical center to another medical center, it possibly will be endowed with a pair of beds as well as secure seats for the persons travelling with the patients to sit comfortably. But if the ambulance is to be utilized as a blood gathering center or a testing center, it has to be planned in view of that with sufficient space given for keeping the essential medical tools.

The healthcare ambulances need to be trembling and heat tested to meet up the terms set by a variety of medical tools manufacturers. The floorings of the ambulances should as well be planned to make the most of patient volume as bearing in mind the ease factor. The seats capacity is determined in harmony with a person organization's needs. Ambulance companies see all these factors at the time of ambulance production. Some usually used types of ambulances are There are versatile ambulance manufacturer units and the most eminent is our company manufacturing ambulances for sale for the purpose of health examination, X-rays, immunizations, or any health check procedures that can be carried in these ambulances. Our cars are sufficed with the most recent equipment and built to run for a very long time without ant problem.

We have ambulances that have quite a few beds to take patients to health centers in situation of accidents, natural calamities or emergencies. We are the ambulance manufacturers having a four bed collection clinic, two-station screening room and sufficient power for every lights and techniques necessary. These ambulances are utilized for usual checkups. We have dental vans having completely equipped dental test spaces, an ultrasonic cleaning mechanism along with a microwave oven and a bathroom. Our ambulances are specialized with Mobile Blood Donor Offices which have the essential medical instruments and services to take blood as well as stock up it in suitable temperature. Ambulances manufactured for healthcare functions from our company usually have simple to open vehicle doors and passages that permit trouble-free movement of wheelchairs. The doors are broader than the usual pattern to let trouble-free movement of wheelchairs as well as stretchers.

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