Scientific Co. LLC started The Art of Ambulance Production Line operation in Dubai since 2005 to serve a growing local and regional demand for the medical ambulances.Scientific Medical Ambulances are designed and built according to the clients requirements to meet and exceed performance requirements under the American federal specification KKK with focus on reliability, functionality, and utilization of available space.

Medical Ambulances for All the Medical Situations

In medical crisis or non crisis quite a lot of means of transports are accessible to aid save lives throughout the emergency. We are the company providing a number of types of medical transport that include , medical ambulances service, non crisis health check transport and personal ambulance service and cabs. Advanced Life Support transportation, as well recognized as ALS care, is a part that carries an authorized paramedic. These parts provide emergency vehicle from the place of a calamity to the nearby emergency care service. This sort of medical transport is found in our company and is generally equipped with a lot of different sorts of medical tools for saving lives counting heart paddles, heart monitors, IV units, ECG monitors, etc.

Types of Cars Manufactured in our Company

Basic Life Support transportation, also identified as BLS, bear an authorized disaster health check Technician on the car. This is the sort of medical ambulance service that gives non urgent situation transportation. The patient is checked by a lot of diverse types of highly developed medical tools on the path to their next spot to make certain that the enduring patient gets there in fine shape. Critical Care transportation, also recognized as CCT, has an authorized registered nurse otherwise a paramedic, in some situations both, on board according to the strictness of the medical situation of the patient. A patient in this situation might have numerous ventilators, IV drips, balloon pumps as well as other emergency medical products connected to the body to stay them living. Neonatal Intensive Care transportation, also recognized as NIC, moves the medical group from the medical ambulances facility to the location of the patient and provides specific tools such as clinical assistance and incubators. Paediatric Team Ambulance transportation, also identified as PTA, carries the medical group from the hospital facility to the place of a delivery to give specialized tools such clinical assistance and incubators. This sort of paediatric medical Dubai ambulance can be offered by grounding our company. There are amenities on board to tackle of the delivery of infant in case it occurs in the ambulance in the transportation to the health care centre. Stretcher Van facilities or Wheelchair are particular ambulance production in our company that permit for the move of immobilizes persons. These can be fairly large and extremely specialized transport units as a number of these enduring patients are very heavy to be taken by the arrangement of a usual medical van or ambulance in the ambulance market. In attempt of presenting the safest and quick service the ambulance drivers are taught by teachers and are authorized in CPR. All ambulances services drivers are given special training in CPR and suitable reaction in urgent situations. The course incorporated adult and newborn CPR, use of automatic external defibrillation along with CPR, and distant body obstacle. The non crisis enduring patients are also moving in ambulances and the drivers of the ambulances are readied for each emergency circumstance. All our ambulances are equipped with all above mentioned types of medical situations for any of the situations.