• Spinal Board

    New spinal board made with plastic material at high strength. Designed paying particular attention to the difficulties met during every day’s interventions, they have 4 holes for the quick and total fixing of the head immobilizer and two cavities where the board lays on the floor, when the base is blocked in the traditional way, that allow to avoid damages to the rip-off straps during the usage of the spinal board or the accommodation in the ambulance. It has 12 handles for the transport and is supplied with 3 belts with rapid unhooking buckle. X-ray translucent and available in 3 different colours: yellow, orange and blue.

  • Head Immobilizor

    New device for the fixing of the head on the scoop stretcher. DOUBLEPLUS is the first divisible and adjustable head immobilizer designed in two pieces that can be fixed to the stretcher with special straps. This system allows to fix the head immobilizer to the scoop stretcher and to separate the two part of the stretcher to load the patient. It is produced with expanded material at closed cells with an inside aluminium sheet and it is covered by a liquid-proof and bacterial-proof material.

  • Snake Plus Vacume Mattress

    Mattress with integrated head immobilizer to allow a fast head immobilization. Made of polyurethane treated with fire retardand and in conformity with EN 1865, 14 indipendent chambers for a perfect and safe immobilization. Usable between -30°C and +70°C. Extreme light weight and strong, 8 ergonomic handles, padded ad reinforced, safety belts and a perfect containment of the patient, give this mattress high performances. Usable with X-ray, CT and MRI.

  • Cervical Collor

    New cervical collar adjustable to 4 different sizes. Designed to have in one article different possibilities of immobilization, it has been developed for the emergency medical use. Pre-molded chin support, locking clips, rear ventilation panel, enlarged trachea opening. The Patriot cervical collar is produced with high density polyethylene and foam padding; the flat one-piece design enables efficient storage where space is limited. X-ray lucent and easy to clean and disinfect.