electricalThe wheelchair is propelled by the user by pushing rims on the back wheels.There are many materials a wheelchair can be made from which include:

♦ Steel
♦ Aluminium
♦ Titamium
♦ Carbon Fibre

Power WheelChair

The car seat that transforms into a wheelchair.The Carony Go is our power wheelchair in the Carony family. Carony Go is a class B wheelchair with a user weight limit of 120 kg.



♦ The user remains comfortably seated while transferring from the Carony Go wheelchair into the car
♦ Acts as a normal powered wheelchair
♦ Joystick can be placed on either left or right side
♦ Suitable for both children and adults
♦ Max speed of 6,5 km/h
♦ Max range of 25 km on one charge
♦ Approved as a medical device