honda-entervanA stacking platform provides good visibility. When not in use the stacking platform is stowed below the vehicles windows, providing good visibility for passengers and driver. The Vista series public use lifts are fully automatic in operation and operated by an attendant using the standard handheld control.The public use lifts are intended to be operated by an attendant (e.g. family member, assistant, coach driver, etc) and have for safety reasons only a hand held remote control for manoeuvering in order to eliminate the risks of unintended lift maneuvering by the wheelchair user. Furthermore the public use lifts demand an increased focus by the attendant on safety features such as inboard and outboard barriers, lift hatches and handrails by its attention seeking yellow highlighting.side entry commercial minivan is perfect for Taxi use to get close to the curb. Includes “Quick Release” removable front passenger seating and optional fold-down middle seat. 14″ lowered Stainless Steel floor 54″ long manual fold-out, swing-out ramp.

♦ Platform stows below the vehicles windows
♦ Illuminated platform
♦ Bridging feature simplifies boarding from pavement
♦ Durable hand-held control box
♦ New rigid handrails for wheelchair users and standees
♦ Improved roll stop for extra stability
♦ New rigid vertical mechanical In Board barrier (IB) for extra safety and improved bumper clearance
♦ Designed for ­side or rear door installation.
♦ Raised pump (RP) models facilitates installation and cleaning and general access around the lift
♦ Cycle counter
♦ EMC test approved
♦ CE-marked