• Turny Evo

    Turny Evo will lower the seat down to a comfortable level above the ground. Get seated and press the hand control button to move the seat smoothly up and inside the car.The Turny Evo can be installed in a passenger front seat position or by the side door in the middle row and To make the Turny Evo easy to use, the hand control has an informative display window.

  • Turny Orbit

    The Turny swivels the car seat out through the door opening and lowers it to a suitable position for transfer to or from a wheelchair. The Turny Orbit has electrically operated swivelling, lifting and lowering. All movements of Turny Orbit are operated by a hand-held control.

  • Turn Out

    The Turnout swivels the seat outside the vehicle in order to make it easier to transfer from a wheelchair. Available in a manual or electrical version for either left or right side installation.

  • Carony Go

    The Carony Go is our power wheelchair in the Carony family. Carony Go is a class B wheelchair with a user weight limit of 120 kg.The user remains comfortably seated while transferring from the Carony Go wheelchair into the car Acts as a normal powered wheelchair.Max speed of 6,5 km/h Max range of 25 km