Scientific Co. LLC started its initial activities during 2006 in the field of Medical Equipment . During the years the company expanded its product range to include Hospital Equipment’s, Home Care Equipment’s and Emergency Medical Equipment’s with an aim of quality and innovative products available in the market.Today after years of excellence in ideal innovations and quality policy, we have achieved many milestones. Scientific with its strong customer base and market reputation has a number of international brands on its profile.

The hospital equipment’s and other necessary items

It is unpredictable when and where the emergency medical need will arise. No one can predict such impossible thing. It may occur in the far future, but the fact is, it may also happen the very next moment. In this hour of need, you will need the medical equipment’s that you can trust. And we are the dealers who supply the trustworthy emergency equipment’s.





Various kinds of equipments:

We develop many kinds of medical equipment’s. Our medical equipment’s are most scientifically proven. The equipment’s are designed and developed by the most skulled engineers. They know what their work is and they do the thing quite easily and skilfully. This is the mina point of our hospital equipment’s being famous. We build stretchers which are most comfortable for both the persons who carry the stretcher and the patient. The stretchers are developed with aluminum, so there is no chance of its getting broken. This is the most important ambulance equipment, and we manufacture this. We also offer ambulance services to the patients in case of emergencies.

The restraint items:

There are also some other hospital equipment’s that we manufacture. Among them, the equipment’s for restraint system are quite popular. The X-fish snap hook belt is among the important ones. This is a normal restraining belt which is equipped with snap hooks. This item guarantees the stability of the spinal column. But this also provides comfort to the person restrained. The other restraint items are the thoracic-abdominal belt and the belts for the chairs. They are highly efficient in restraining the patient.

First aid kit:

Among the emergency medical equipment, we built the first aid equipment’s. The first-aid kit and the Suction devices are our specialties. The suction device is battery powered. This can provide suction inside or outside of an ambulance. The charging of the device and the suction can run simultaneously. The nest item is the first aid kit that we develop. There are numerous contents available inside the box. The box is a great option in the matter as first aid home care equipment.

Resuscitation and diagnostic equipment’s:

We also specialize in the matter of resuscitation technique. There are many resuscitators that we have developed and manufactured. Our highly developed and efficient resuscitating set contains many necessary items. Those are like 0.5 litre oxygen bottle, re-animator bag and other necessary things. The main fact with the oxygen bottle is that, it can be recharged if needed. The rescue masks are equipment which is essential in any kind of operation. We provide the state of the art rescue masks. The masks avoid contact in the mouth when a reanimation process is going on. The masks are all made of transparent materials. We also develop highly efficient pressure reducer. We also make some diagnostic equipment. The sphygmomanometer is highly efficient in calculating anyone’s blood pressure. This is adaptable in any kind of circumstances. This can be used in an ambulance or in a still place. This also has a cuff basket. In their one can store necessary equipment.