We offer physically challenged persons a variety of choices to suit individual needs, and ease your transfer in and out of your vehicle. Our sedans adaptation solutions gives you choice and comfort in easy steps as can be seen below.

Swivel Seat

sedan_img1Turny Orbit is a car seat lift with manual swivelling that is raised and lowered by means of an electric motor. It is especially adapted for high-sill vehicles such as minibuses, SUVs, MPVs and vans. It can be mounted in a passenger seat in the front or center row, depending on the car model.The product is CE-labeled, E-marked, crash-tested and has an approved load capacity of 150 kg.The continuously adjustable raising and lowering function of the Turny HD makes it ideal for disabled passengers who can now transfer to and from a waiting wheelchair. Changes to the car are minimal and can easily be restored when it is to be replaced. Turny HD can be advantageously combined with the Carony system, which allows the seat to dock with a wheel unit

♦ Available in 300mm, 395mm and 480mm vertical travel
♦ Powered rotation.
♦ Easy emergency operation.
♦ Easy back-up systems.
♦ No adapter plate needed for BEV and Compact seat.
♦ EMC and crash test approved.