The Car characterised by a lowered floor from front to back as well as from left to right, freedom from barriers and plenty of space for several wheelchairs. Whether with the wheelchair on the driver’s side, the original car seat on the front passenger side or the other way round We use the versatile seat concept means you can change drivers with little effort. If wished, the rigid back seat of the standard version can be replaced with two integrated folding swivel seats during adaptation. This let you drive in or out of your car easily and without obstacles


♦ Access height: 1420 mm.
♦ Inner height: max. 1510 mm.
♦ Inner width: 840 – 1380 mm.
♦ Ramp width: 820 mm.
♦ Eye level height: 1310 mm.
♦ Ramp length: 1230 mm.