• Suction Devices

    VX-2 is a portable, powerful and indestructible battery powered suction unit. Powerful enough to meet all state and national standards, and versatile enough to provide essential medical suction inside and outside ambulance. The optional charging/retention bracket holds the unit securely in place (support tested 10g in case of accident) and conducts vehicle power to run aspirator as an onboard suction, while charging the internal battery..

  • First Aid Kit

    Contents: 1 Copy of Min. Decree 388 of 15.07.03 2 Pairs sterile gloves, 1 Bottle disinfectant 500 ml IODOPOVIDONE at 10% iodine PMC, 1 Bag sterile physiological solution 250 ml CE, 1 Packet sterile gauze compress cm. 18x40, 3 Packets sterile gauze compress cm. 10x10, 1 Sterile forceps, 1 Packet cotton wool, 1 PLASTOSAN 10 assorted plasters, 1 Reel adhesive plaster 5m x 2.5cm, 1 Gauze bandage 3.5m x 10cm., 1 Pair bandage cutting scissors cm. 14.5 DIN 58279, 1 Tourniquet, 1 Bag for sanitary waste, 1 MULTILINGUAL first aid instruction booklet,

  • Miscellaneous

    First recovery kit for road accidents, ideal for all rescue vehicles. All the tools needed for a first response are contained inside its convenient nylon case. Dimensions: cm. 48x28x12